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Albert Howard Re-Appointed by the Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of Kootznoowoo, Inc. announces that Albert Howard has been re-appointed to the Board of Directors.  He is replacing former Director Edwell John, Jr., who submitted his resignation at the completion of the July 15, 2023, board meeting.  Edwell accepted an offer of employment with Kootznoowoo, Inc. and will now work as the corporation’s Business Analyst.   

“Serving on the board has been such an honor for me and I am so grateful to everyone who has supported me as a director,” said Edwell.  “However, Kootznoowoo is at a critical time in our corporation’s history.  Developing and growing strong businesses that bring the corporation to a place of financial security is a huge priority for our shareholders.  I believe that as Kootznoowoo’s Business Analyst, I will be better able to contribute to the business interests of the corporation and better serve shareholders.”

According to Kootznoowoo Bylaw 3.6, “A vacancy occurring in the Board of Directors may be filled by the vote of a majority of the remaining directors.” 

At the Saturday board meeting, the board accepted Edwell’s resignation.  After discussion, the Board agreed to re-appoint Albert to the Board to fulfill the remainder of Edwell’s term, which will expire in 2024.  Albert was the third highest vote-getter at the recent 50th Annual Meeting of Shareholders.

“We are pleased that Albert has accepted this appointment to fill Director John’s seat,” said Board Chair James.  “During his last term, Albert demonstrated his dedication to serving the interest of Kootznoowoo shareholders, and the board looks forward to continuing to work with him.”