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Trustees Announce June 2023 KPFST Distribution Amount


The Trustees of the Kootznoowoo Permanent Fund Settlement Trust are pleased to announce that the June 1, 2023, Kootznoowoo Permanent Settlement Trust (KPFST) distribution will be paid out in the amount of $3.36 per trust unit. 

For the purpose of calculating the distribution amount, income to the KPFST is averaged over a five-year period.  This means the current distribution look-back period averages income over the fifteen trimesters beginning August 31, 2018, and ending April 30, 2023.  The unaudited fair market value of the Trust’s portfolio as of April 30, 2023, was $15,423,744.

KPFST makes distributions twice per year in February and June.  For the calendar year 2023, $434,293.50 has been distributed to unit holders from the Trust equaling $6.91 per trust unit.  KPFST investments are managed by Alaska Permanent Capital Management (APCM).  Please find attached a new investment update from APCM that will be included in each trimester. 

Shareholders who have questions should contac the Corporate Office at (907) 790-2992.